Anon Surf with Kali Linux

Anon Surf has been ported to Kali Linux

In my previous post, I told you how to use circumvent internet censorship in your country, including a ban on Tor, with Parrot OS and Anon Surf.  Now, thanks to Und3rf10w, it is possible to use Anon Surf in Kali Linux as well.

To set it up, we will first need to clone the repository from GitHub with the following command in the terminal:

git clone

This will create a folder called kali-anonsurf in the folder you executed the command from.  Go into the kali-anonsurf folder and check its contents.  If the installer is not executable (Kali shows this as green in the terminal), you can make the file executable with the following command:

chmod +x

Then you should run the installer with:


After the installation is complete, you will need to install the obfs4proxy package:

apt-get install obfs4proxy

With that complete, all that is left is getting your bridges and adding them to end of your /etc/tor/torrc file.

The first thing we need to do is is acquire some bridges from Tor at  If the Tor website is blocked, you can request your obfs4 bridges from Tor through email at with the line “get bridges” by itself in the body of the mail.

Screenshot 2018-07-05 00.11.28.png

Once you’ve acquired your list of bridges, you can add to the end of your /etc/tor/torrc file in the following format and save.

UseBridges 1

ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy managed

Bridge obfs4 366588398C6DB557AC04B006AFCD88E8F9AF1C32 cert=dPWEDqARFmsUWBTjKXwVPoI7eHltxjcCzusU7HVBI6X4OrALZ2sCK9+NVZA8hhfEKQXcWQ iat-mode=0

Bridge obfs4 E2C03E5581695FB8EC8E612D397C8DF00E809278 cert=hXnB1g1tEDulE+BjdnI6f7HQXxs6GZeUEDve/K9Z/GJpLLgdXB+2v7SuH+K4EMN4m6fBCA iat-mode=0

Bridge obfs4 B59764BF9102FEE821302AC2C9CC28B248054CE4 cert=mK9LnXAcGEacSAd9YspRHyswi1/mBqnha8OLTa9Lpg4UwSf6KbgegAd7zjY+ImhO//PYbg iat-mode=0

Remember to replace these bridges with the ones you got from Tor, as these may not work.

With that done, you can now start and stop Anon Surf with the following commands:

anonsurf start

anonsurf stop

Enjoy! 🙂

(if you have any issues, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you)

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